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. see what sparked the fire and left them out in the bitter cold. >> first, manti te'o and redskins players fooled by a woman with a fake identity. first tonight isllegon lockdown reports of multiple gunmen on campus. >> let's get to jim rosenfield with new details in. >> fluid situation. hatch penni in university of virginia wise campus southwestern virginia. minutes ago an e-mail went out to students saying the lockdown is now over. the university of virginia college at wise has 2,000 students. a very rural campus in the far southwestern part of the state. near the border with tennessee and north carolina. there are now report that this was a hoax. a scary one at that. one student on campus told her parents she was told to run into the gym and hide. other students tell us they were told to turn off their light and silence their phones. and they heard police with guns running through their dorms. appears right now this was a scary situation, that has been revolved at university of virginia, wise campus, southwestern virginia. that's the latest. doreen, back to you. >> jim, thank yo
it to himself. >>> and manti te'o is talking for the first time the world learned his girlfriend didn't exist. te'o in the midst of giving an off camera interview to espn interviewer. a picture tweeted. showing them. audio portions of the interview released late tonight. te'o says he was duped into an online relationship with someone posing as a woman. there are questions about when he learned it was a hoax? and whether he kept the story going. >>> well you made it to the weekend. and, here to greet you is january. right? and doug. doug too. >> and, still got 13 minutes left, wendy. >> close enough. they'ren bed, you know. >> good, good. it's cold outside. as i mentioned not going to be. tonight is not nearly as cold as what it will be in a couple nights. we are going to go downhill big time over the next couple dates. take a look. pretty shot. national are bar camera. nice night out there. tonight as you can see. we are dealing with clear skies. a calm night right now. but the wind starting to pick up a little bit. that wind is having an impact. 40-degree number. the high temperature today.
by notre dame football player manti te'o disclose another layer of the hoax. he released the recording in an interview with katie couric. we now know that boyfriend never existed. >> i'll just say i love you and good night. and i'll be okay tonight. i'll do my best. yeah to so get your rest and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much. sweet dreams. >> te'o publicly described meeting his girlfriend but now admits they only had contact by line and by phone. >> an uninvited guest interrupted president obama today as he announced his nominees to head two federal agencies. >> i am not nating mary jo white to lead the security and exchange commission and richard cordray to continue leading the financial bureau. >> a fly landed right on the commander-in-chief's forehead. the president famously killed a fly during an interview with john harwood back in 2009. oh, it looks big when it's a still shot. and that was tat the white hous, too. second day of stingle digit rivers causing rivers to freeze in the boston area. check out the river in lawrence. despite the sunshine, it's completely fro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3